Who Needs Help For Drug Abuse?

Being one of the most prevalent problems in recent times, it is no wonder that quite a large number of drug rehabilitation facilities have been set up. Every country is affected by drug addiction problems, though the rates are not similar. In fact, almost every government has put up measures to contain the problem. These efforts include setting up rehabilitation centers, placing drugs in the controlled category, or even making laws.

Help centers or rehabilitation facilities are designed to help drug abusers regain control of their lives and stop drug abuse. There has always been a question as to who needs help for drug abuse. In other words, when does drug use become a problem?

Who Needs Help For Drug Abuse?

First, an individual needs help if he or she is preoccupied with drugs. Many times individuals exhibit an abnormal preoccupation with, drugs especially when they cannot have them. You may notice that they become distracted, disinterested, or irritable when they have not taken the drug.

Drug abuse help is needed if the individual is taking more of the drug without having the same effects as they did in the past. This is for prescription drugs, especially when they have been used for extended periods of time, since the body would have tolerance, where the drugs become progressively less effective, even with increased dosage. For illicit drugs, their use alone should trigger alarms and send you looking for help.

Another thing that characterizes abuse is inability to control drug use. Individuals that are addicted to or are abusing drugs are not able to control their consumption. In many cases, they will go to great lengths to obtain the drugs, sometimes even turning to illegal outlets. They may even resort to unethical behaviors such as stealing to obtain the drugs.

Still on the same point, acknowledge that the individual would take drugs in complete disregard of the devastating effects they have on life, theirs and others. Drug abuse affects almost every facet of an individual’s life, including health, mental, social, economic, and psychological. The individual, having lost control, would have no option but to take the drug. This individual definitely needs to be helped.

One thing that characterizes many addicts is downplaying drug abuse. Most individuals will not be courageous enough to accept the magnitude of their problem. They will more often than not make excuses as to why they need to take the drugs. If pushed further, they become defensive, even denying that it is a problem. This is definitely an indication that all is not well.

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